Q:How to connect with MARS400(S) APP?


Method 1: Scan the QR code on the back side of Transmitter by APP.
Method 2: Manual input the APP wifi name (or the numbers showed on OLED screen)


Q:What is the name of MARS 400(S) APP?


Both name of MARS 400(S) APP in Android and iOS systems are “HOLLYVIEW”


Q:Transmitter Link Indictor of MARS 300


The indicator is steady green, indicating that the video is normal
The indicator flashes red, indicating that it is disconnected
The indicator fast flashes red, indicating that the device is pairing


Q:Receiver Link Indicator of MARS 300


The indicator light is steady green, indicating that the video is normal
The indicator light flashes red, indicating that it is disconnected
The indicator light fast flashes red, indicating that the device is pairing


Q:Receiver Video Indicator of MARS 300


The indicator light is steady orange, indicating that the video is normal
Not bright, indicating that no video was received


Q:How to make Firmware Upgrade of MARS 300?


Step 1: Please prepare an OTG cable and U-disk for upgrade. U-disk should be FAT32 format, not NTFS.

Step 2: Unzip the upgrade file, copy the “hldUpgrade_rx.img” and “hldUpgrade_tx.img” into root directory of the U-disk

Step 3: Turn off the device, and connect it with U-disk by USB-OTG cable

Step 4: Turn on the device
The link indicator will flash blue (U-disk is identified)
The link indicator turns green and flash quickly (writing in files, around 3-5s)

Step 5: Both TX and RX should be upgraded. Long press pair button on TX and RX when upgrade finished: link indicators on TX and RX turn red and flash quickly, need to wait for few seconds; link indicators on TX and RX turn green and stay on, pairing successful.

Step 6: When upgrade is finished, long press channel button on RX, it can show OSD information on the screen.


Q:Does MARS 300 receiver side 2 HDMI can output video signal same time? And what is the function for H


RX 2 HDMI interfaces can output signal at the same time. When RX connected with camera, the HDMI-loop out interface can output video signal to external monitor


Q:Why did the screen of the SLR camera turn off after MARS 300 connected with SLR camera?


DSLR camera like Canon 5D Mark III will need to set up “screen stays on when connected with external monitor”


Q:What is the video output format for Mars300? Does it support I -format?


Mars 300 can output the same video format as that of the camera. Mars 300 will not

convert the video format outputted by cameras’ HDMI interface. Mars 300 supports 1080p60, 1080p50, 1080i60, 1080i50, 720p, and other common video formats



Q:If transmitter and receiver of MARS 300 powered by battery, how long it will work?


970 battery can work around 6 hours, F750 battery can works around 4 hours, F550 battery can works around 2.5 hours. Different brand batteries has different capacity, and support different working hours


Q:How to power the transmitter and receiver of MARS 300?


Both transmitter and receiver can be powered by SONY F550/F750/F970 batteries; They use the standard 12V AC adapter for power supply


Q:Use standard power supply,but the MARS 300 cannot power on, what is the problem?


Our DC port and DC adapter are with locks. When connecting the DC adapter, be sure tighten the lock. Otherwise, there will be no power


Q:The MARS 300 is disconnected after a while, or the video stagnation, how to solve it?


It is normally because there are other interference in the field, double-click the transmitter CHENNEL button, and change to another channel


Q:Receiver or transmitter link light of MARS 300 is red and flash, the monitor has no video, what is t


Double-click transmitter CHANNEL button, change to next channel. It is normally because there are other wireless singnal interference. Switch the channel can avoid the interference


Q:The receiver link indication of MARS 300 is always green, but the video light off, and monitor has n


Check the transmitter video light steady on or not, if not, the problem may come from camera HDMI output. You need to modify camera settings or change another HDMI cable to try


Q:How to change the frequency channel of MARS 300?


Double click the CHANNEL button, the transmitter will switch to the next frequency point. During the switch, the Link light will turn red and start flashing, and then turn green and normally on, which indicates that the frequency point is switched successfully


Q:How to use the Receiver “Auto Channel Scan”?


Disable encryption on receiver main menu and single press to select “SCAN CHANNEL”, then the receiver detect the electromagnetic environment automatically
“√” Means the electromagnetic environment of the channel is clear and available
“╳” Means the channel is occupied, not available
Note:please turn off TX when using this function


Q:How to turn on the Receiver Scan Channel and Wireless Signal Strength Indication?


Press receiver “MENU” button for 6 seconds, enter main menu
1.“SCAN CHANNEL”-Auto scan channel function
2.“RSSI OPTION”–Received signal strength indication
3.“SECURITY”-Encryption, decryption and device ID check
4.“VERSION”-Software version
5.“EXIT MENU”-Return to main menu


Q:How to turn on the Transmitter Encryption Pair Function?


Select “SECURITY” to enter encryption pair option
1. “DISABLE”-Transmitter encryption disable
2. “ENABLE”-Enable transmitter encryption and start to pair
3. “PAIR  ID”-Transmitter ID, to check device ID number
4. “RETURN”-back to superior menu


Q:How to turn on the transmitter fan function?


Press MENU button for 6 seconds to enter menu, select “ADVANCED” to enter TX fan option.
1. “BASIC MODE ”-Turn off replay without delay function, smart cooling fan and reduce power consumption
2.“SMART MODE ”-Turn on replay without delay function, turn on or off smart cooling fan automatically  according to temperature
3. “RETURN”- back


Q:How to correctly setup the Multiple Systems of COSMO 600 and COSMO 500?


1、Avoid placing multiple sets of transmitters and receivers on a straight line
2、Adjust the receiver’s position and angle according to the camera position


Q:How to correctly setup the Receiver of COSMO 600 and COSMO 500?


1、Place RX on Tripod
2、Tripod Height >1.7m
3、Set up the receiver upright facing the transmitter
4、Move receiver away from obstacles;Keep the receiver at least 2 meters away from the obstacle if the obstacles cannot removed


Q:How to correctly setup the Transmitter of COSMO 600 and COSMO 500?


The signal is the strongest when the transmitter is set upright facing the receiver


Q:How to correctly install the antenna of COSMO 600 and COSMO 500?


1、To set up the antennas, screw the root of the antennas by hand
2、Antennas should be set up in a claw & fan shape for stronger signal radiation and farther transmission distance
3、The receiver should be placed vertically, and it’s plastic part should face the transmitter in order to achieve the furthest transmission range and the best receiving performance


Q:Can I buy extra antennas or extra receiver?


Yes, we can offer extra antennas and receiver, you can contact us directly or contact with our local dealer for purchase.


Q:What difference between Cosmo series and Mars series?


Cosmo products are no-latency professional ones. Mars series are designed for cost sensitive applicaitons


Q:Does Cosmo500 transmitter can work with Cosmo600 or other COSMO receiver?


All COSMO series transmitter and receiver can be used interchangeably, just make sure the transmitter and receiver stay in same channel.


Q:How many Cosmo receivers can be paired with each transmitter?


Hollyland 1 Cosmo transmitter can support up to 4 receivers in one environment.


Q:How can I update the firmware of my wireless system?


You can leave a message for us at CONTACT US page.


Q:What is the aftersales service policy?


Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. We offer one year aftersales service to customer, if you have any product quality problem, you can leave a message at contact us page. Besides, you can contact with our local dear, the dealer information is in: Where to buy.


Q:Where can I buy Hollyland Products?


1. Dealers: Find your local dealer at: Where to buy.
2. Contact us directly at: Contact US


Q:Do Hollyland Products Support DFS?


Currently our Screen Link300 for big LED Display support DFS. The others support 5.8GHZ ISM Band, more new products with DFS will be released. More details please contact with us.

Have more questions? Please Contact Us.


Q:Poor output video quality


1. Check if SDI or HDMI input or output cable is plugged well;

2. checks how many receiver side ‘RSSI’ LEDs are lit, there should be 2-3 RSSI LEDs lit if the user want to get better video quality; if there is only 1 RSSI LED lit, that means the received wireless signal is weak and should shorten the transmission distance.

Have more questions? Please Contact Us.


Q:No output on display


1. Please check TX and RX power first, and see if TX or RX battery is powered from external power;

2. Check if TX antennas and RX antennas are installed right. After that, check the TX and RX ‘Link’ indicators light on, if the‘Link’ indicators light off, then check if TX and RX are on same frequency;

3. Check the ‘Video’ indicator, if TX ‘Video’ indicator is not lit, then check if the SDI or HDMI cable is plugged in and a video source is present;

4. Finally may check input video format is compatible with this product specs.

Have more questions? Please Contact Us.


Q:No sound output of Bluetooth earphone


1. Check the Bluetooth earphone power first;

2. It may cause by the Bluetooth earphone and Bluetooth module is not paired, and then please follows the steps to pair them;

3. Bluetooth earphone the working distance up to 5-6m, please check if it works over the distance. If it is yes, please go back to its working distance.

Have more questions? Please Contact Us.


Q:Why do Hollyland products have frequency auto-selected function?


Some of Hollyland products with auto-selected function with Frequency display such as Cosmo1500. The system will select automatically the lowest interference frequency to ensure the RF with best performances.

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